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Tubular Hot Air Curtain--the Best Choice For Saving Power
Feb 07, 2017

"Through-flow hot air curtain" the best choice for saving power
Tubular electric heating air curtain is in the tubular air curtain into the air inlet or outlet with electric heater, makes use of fan operation out of the formation of thermals of hot air curtain. Tubular hot air curtain with high efficiency heat exchange coil, makes use of fan air stream transfers heat from the air curtain outlet spray, coil heat medium using hot water. Heat exchange coil consists of copper pipe string aluminum foil and then from liquid or mechanical turgor pressure, and high heat capacity, where there is hot water as the heat source, is the best choice for power conservation.
Tubular electric heating air curtain depending on the heating material can be divided into semiconductor thermal ceramic heaters and finned tube heaters two; depending on the housing material can be divided into affordable and luxury are two; depending on the structure can be divided into two types: ordinary type, strengthened.
Two tubular heating air curtain heater features are as follows:
Semiconductor thermal ceramic electric heaters: heating, thermal resistance, thermal conversion rate is high, no fire, wide range of voltage application, safe and reliable, the maximum working temperature is not more than 245 degrees centigrade.
Finned tube heater: heat heating power of inert, stable and do not block the air flow channel, wide temperature range and long service life.

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