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Through-flow Of Air Curtain With Details
Feb 07, 2017

Through-flow of air curtain with details:
Tubular air curtain air handling units, fan, duct and air distribution device. Through flow type air scene machine arc design, no bump, easy clean maintenance, and installation convenient, fuselage shell full metal structure, fire performance high, introduced German technology optimization motor, and run calm I, and low energy, and low noise, continued 5,000 hours no fault, after noise control and research experiment latest technology results, makes unique of duct, configuration double guide wind Board Guide wind design, wind can free regulation, strong of wind speed has high, and low two document for selected. If the optional IR remote control device of micro-computer brand new and with manual forced start function, with cold air hot air shutdown delay protection.
Through flow type air scene installation in refrigeration, and air conditioning, and dust, and insulation of Mall, and theatre, and hotel, and hotel, and Chamber, and refrigerated library, and operating room and the home, door above, up moving the machine, can put indoor outside of air separated, up to both access convenient, and can prevent indoor outside hot and cold air exchange, while, and has dust, and anti-pollution, and anti-mosquitoes of effect. Widely used in electronics, instruments, pharmaceuticals, food products, precision machining, chemical industry, shoe-making, and service, commercial industry and so on.
Through-flow air curtains are suitable for horizontal installation.

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