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Special Use Air Curtain Niche Wood Mold
Jun 14, 2017

Special Use Air Curtain Niche wood mold

Air curtain installation

(1) in the sinking before the template, with wood made of niches wood mold, according to the design requirements in the sinking outside the template outside the line, and nail gas niche wood mold. (2) Install the horizontal air duct on the inner wall of the outer template, and the horizontal duct center line coincides with the horizontal line of the air niche wood mold. After fastening, the horizontal tube is fixed on the template with U-shaped peeling nail and then installed Vertical duct. (3) banding reinforcement and pouring up the caisson concrete. 4) After the concrete strength reaches the required removal of the template and the niche wood mold, drill the hole on the niche with a hand drill. (5) When the caisson is high, the vertical duct is connected accordingly.

Air curtain running

(1) to maintain the internal water level of the caisson than the sunwell water level 2m higher, the sinking of the soil at the foot of the soil suction operation, in ensuring the safety of the blade at the depth of the premise of minimizing end resistance. (2) According to the deviation of the sunk well and the height difference, to determine the purpose of opening the air curtain (mainly to offset or mainly sink), and then determine the opening of the air curtain of the order and time. (3) the first time the use of air curtain to the embedded pipe pressure 1min, check the jet is smooth. (4) to ensure that the internal water level of the sunk well than the sunwell water level 2m higher than the premise of simultaneous reduction of wells, outside the water level, reduce buoyancy. (5) to the duct inside the air, niche in accordance with the order from the top to the bottom of the layer to open. When the air supply control the wind distributor, to ensure that the wells in the same layer on the plane of the niches can also jet, so that the sun shaft stable, even subsidence. Air supply time should not be too long, generally in 3 ~ 5min. (6) during the sinking of the arrangements for the wells around the well and four inflection points were observed, timely summary of the data sink, found that the sunken wells subsided immediately to take appropriate measures. (7) If the wellbore sinks for a long period of time, if the wellbore overflows bubbles for a long time without sunning, the vertical duct is stopped and is closed in the order from the lower to the upper. The gas pressure should be gradually reduced, so as to avoid a sudden stop gas caused by instantaneous negative pressure, so that the jet hole inhalation of sediment. (8) Close the air when the air curtain closed at the top of the vertical air duct set the valve, so that the air curtain duct to maintain a certain pressure to prevent groundwater along the niche hole irrigation, plug the pores. (9) to fill the original caisson to the original elevation, the detection of sun shaft edge soil pressure, sidewall pressure, caisson attitude and other data.

When the air curtain is opened, the water level rises from the well in the well below 7m, and the muddy water is bubbling and sinking around the caisson. At the same time, the sinking is also smooth and steady. The use of air curtain sunk has the following advantages: (1) to improve the construction schedule. Ma On Shan Yangtze River Highway Bridge in the north anchorage caisson construction, each opening an air curtain, can sink about 40cm, the fastest sunk sinking 80cm, compared with the ordinary wells with high efficiency. (2) reduce the project cost. Air curtain construction is simple, difficult, Shen Shen effect is better, saving the duration, additional air curtains increase the cost of the section of the caisson of the project cost less than 0.5%, from the overall reduction of the project cost.

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