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Remote Controlled Air Curtains--remote Control In Hand, Not Afraid To Do Less
Feb 07, 2017

Brief description of the remote controlled air curtains and air curtain according to the environment, freezer, freezer: these places are more focused on the actual effectiveness of the product, so it can use remote controlled air curtains, the effect is very good.
Ordinary air curtain machine suitable for use in hotels, hotels, conference rooms, office buildings and other quiet place: these sites tend to be more quiet, less traffic, but is needed to open the door, there are limited in order to block the convection of hot and cold air at room temperature, the choice of air curtain is the main consideration when the door height, installation conditions and noise. Based on experience, these establishments generally door height 2.5 m, most stainless steel door frames; the overall mix with the surrounding environment, generally choose appearance is clean, stylish light-Normal axial curtain.
Remote-controlled air curtain airflow at high speed, the Interior divided into two independent temperature area to create a comfortable indoor environment, keep indoor air conditioning and air purification effect of saving energy at the same time, and the air circulation, effective separation of dust, smoke, odors and insects and other organisms.
Now many brands with IR receiver function of air curtain. Remote controlled air curtains are exclusive with you.

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