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Radiant Panel Overview
Feb 08, 2017

Radiant Panel HVAC equipment are plate-like, is infrared radiation heater or cooler absorbs infrared radiation. High temperature object to a cooler body to infra-heat transfer in the way of this process, called thermal radiation. The cooler body absorb the infrared heat, cold exposure.

Radiant Panel heating or cooling components work, reaching to the surrounding environment thermal radiation heating or radiant cooled for cooling purposes. Heat radiation plate, also known as infrared radiation. Radiant plate, also known as radiant panels for cooling. The media mainly used to heat water, steam, gas, fuel oil, electricity, refrigeration medium is mainly cold water, evaporating agents (freon, liquid ammonia).

Function classification can be divided into thermal radiation and cold radiation panels.

Classification in work mode, radiation can be divided into hot-water radiant panels, steam, gas-fired radiant panels, electric radiant panels, water radiant panels and so on.

To position classification, can be divided into ceiling radiant panels, wall-mounted radiant panels, wall-mounted radiant panels, floor boards, and so on.

Material classification, can be divided into aluminum radiant panels, ceramic radiant panels, steel plate, polymer non-metallic radiation panels.

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