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Radiant Panel Installation
Feb 08, 2017

(1) hanging installation
In non-load-bearing concrete structure beam, 12mm impact drill two holes (distance subject to Radiant Panel hook hole on the back). Into the expansion bolt and tightening fixing, the radiant Panel bracket from the ceiling. With a chain or wire flexible connector install radiant panels hanging on under the frame.

(2) wall-mounted installation
Above ground on a concrete wall not less than 2m high, 12mm two groups of holes in impact drill four holes. Into the expansion bolts, and angled wall mount bracket to the wall surface. Lift both ends of the radiant Panel, to the right height, and flange nut securing the Panel to the angled wall mount bracket.

(3)-door mounting
This installation is suitable for replacing supermarkets, hotels, banks, post offices and other public places, to replace the high power hot-air curtain, play a role in energy consumption. First determine the installation location, centered above the door of the installation. Two curved plates and two boxes on the pendant using the 4.2mm bit in the drill the corresponding holes on the aluminum door frame, aluminium rivets used, respectively, bending and widgets fixed in this position. Cable (you can use oil or metal wire rope slings) from top of plate tighten under box pendant to good, pay attention to point towards the Interior away from the glass. Fixed on the plate of the product. Adjust the cable, height and level of correction products, to achieve beautiful results. Note: If the Interior of marble or tile floor, preferably in the area of radiation exposure below the laying of fiber or cotton material welcome mat to promote infra-red absorption increase temperature.

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