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Infrared Heater Heat Transfer Form
Jun 23, 2017

Infrared Heater Heat transfer form

Infrared heat transfer form is radiation heat transfer, by electromagnetic waves to transfer energy. When the far infrared rays are irradiated to the heated object, a portion of the rays are reflected back and a portion is penetrated. When the far-infrared wavelength of the emitted light is equal to the absorption wavelength of the object to be heated, the heated object absorbs far-infrared rays, and when the molecules and atoms inside the object are "resonated", a strong vibration and rotation are generated, and the vibration and rotation The object temperature increases, to achieve the purpose of heating.

Infrared heater editing

Basic theory

Infrared radiation refers to the transmission and transmission (propagation) of the electromagnetic waves between 0.7 and 80 μm of the spectrum. The transmission and transmission are accompanied by obvious, directional energy propagation. The energy transfer does not require the exchange medium, even in vacuum The Infrared according to the wavelength can be divided into shortwave, medium wave, long wave.


Infrared drying heating in recent years at an alarming pace of development was accepted and applied to various fields, mainly infrared heating has the following advantages:

1. With penetrating power, both inside and outside heating at the same time.

2. No heat transfer media, good thermal efficiency.

3. Can be local heating, saving energy.

4. Provide a comfortable operating environment.

5. Save the furnace construction costs and space, combination, installation and maintenance is simple and easy.

6. Clean the heating process, no hot air, no secondary pollution.

7. Temperature control is easy, and the temperature is fast, and more security.

8. Thermal inertia is small, do not need warm up, save manpower.

Since the infrared heating has the above-mentioned advantages, it is possible to obtain a high-quality product because it is possible to obtain a high-efficiency and high-uniform heating.

Working distance

For thermal sensing materials (paper or sheet), the working distance should be greater than or equal to 50 mm. If the arrangement of the heater is not tight and the object to be heated is a fixed type of heating, the working distance should also be appropriately increased. If the heater spacing of 2-3 cm, the working distance of about 20cm can achieve uniform heating.

Health issues editor

Germany Elstein infrared heater test. Successfully applied to the greenhouse and treatment equipment, the launch of the heat ray with health effects, did not find any harm.

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