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Infrared Heater Energy Saving Principle
Jul 20, 2017

Infrared Heater Energy saving principle

The following and everyone to see the use of far infrared heater:

1, suitable for open-air cafes, golf courses, high shelves, indoor and outdoor heating, in addition to snow and ice.

2, the device has a variety of power and radiation angle of choice; with high temperature wire.

3, the equipment through the UL and CSA detection.

4, spray steel and stainless steel shell, hardware and support, gold-plated aluminum refraction board.

5, the device does not use any black metal, in corrosive atmosphere or outdoor applications in the durable.

We should see in the far infrared heater we need to pay attention to the place, hope that more friends can join us in the far infrared heater has a better tomorrow. We will also help you in the far infrared heater have more to explain, looking forward to the future work and life we can more familiar with the far infrared heater more places.

Everyone concerned about the far infrared heater should have a lot of attention, some far infrared heater information hope to help you to improve and understand the product. Far infrared heating technology far infrared heating technology is a new science, in recent years with the far infrared production varieties and the number of increasing, its application areas are also expanding, far infrared heating technology has attracted increasing attention, so the study Far infrared radiation materials and applications in the hair has a broad prospect.

Here we introduce far-infrared heaters far-infrared radiation materials, energy-saving principle: far-infrared radiation materials on the effective conversion of other energy and heating material is absorbed by the molecular vibration, and to achieve heating, drying and other purposes, far infrared heater It is widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, electromechanical, printing, glass annealing, food processing and health care, civil cooking utensils, heating equipment, etc., we have developed far-infrared ceramic Radiation materials used in the coating of aluminum products, the rate of 40% or more, the heat utilization rate of about 35%, more than 80% energy saving, is an ideal and efficient energy-saving materials.

Then we have to explain for everyone with far infrared heater features:

1, small size, power: heater mainly used cluster-type tubular heating element

2, fast thermal response, high precision temperature control, comprehensive thermal efficiency.

3, high heating temperature: Heater design maximum operating temperature up to 850 ℃.

4, the media outlet temperature uniformity, high precision temperature control.

5, a wide range of applications, strong adaptability: the heater can be applied to explosion-proof or general occasions, explosion-proof grade up to d Ⅱ B and C level, pressure up to 20MPa.

6, long life, high reliability: The heater is made of special electric materials, the design of the surface power load is low, and the use of multiple protection, the electric heater safety and life greatly increased.

7, can be fully automated control: According to the requirements of the heater circuit design, can easily achieve the export temperature, flow, pressure and other parameters of automatic control, and computer networking.

8, energy-saving effect is remarkable, the energy generated by almost 100% of the heat to the heating medium. 

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