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Industrial Air Curtain The Correct Use Of
Aug 29, 2017

Industrial Air Curtain The correct use of

How to properly use and maintain industrial air curtain?

Previously, the instrument equipment of one of the industry air curtain direct selling manufacturers provided the relevant reasons for the maintenance of industrial air curtain. What is the use of the relevant content, so today will continue to introduce to you how to correctly use and maintain the industrial air curtain?

(I) the industrial air curtain is on the key switch of the machine, one of the power supply is broken and the other two control the rotating speed.

In order to keep indoor temperature, please open low speed gear when using.

In order to prevent dust, odour, moth-proofing, etc., please open high gear.

(2) direction of industrial air curtain wind adjustment plate

When indoor heating, turn the wind plate, tuyere outward;

When the room is cold, turn the wind plate and the air outlet.

When using the anti-dust, anti-moth, anti-odor, etc., turn the guide plate, and the air outlet is out.

(3) measures for industrial air curtain maintenance

1. Check and clean the machine before cutting off the power supply;

2. Wet with a soft fabric with cleaning agent, clean the wind shutter blade and cover shell.

3. When cleaning the leaves, apply the force gently, otherwise it will cause deformation and shock. Industrial air curtain installed in refrigeration, air conditioning, dust-proof, heat insulation of shopping malls, theaters, hotels, restaurants, conference rooms, cold storage, such as the operating room and home above the door, industrial air curtain with a high speed motor drive tubular or centrifugal wind turbines generate strong airflow, forming a invisible door curtain. So what is the installation of industrial air curtain?

Installation of industrial air curtain:

The machine should be installed on the doorframe

2. The width of the door must be less than or equal to the length of the wind curtain; If the door hole is too wide, please connect the curtain machine to the installation.

3. The mounting floor must be securely attached to the wall (or pillar) to prevent vibration caused by loosening.

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