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Industrial Air Curtain Role Separately
Oct 12, 2017

Industrial Air Curtain Role separately

Today, one of the industrial air curtain manufacturers to come and talk to you how to improve the use of industrial air curtains to improve the efficiency of the use!

1. Each floor of the building should be fitted with industrial air curtains.

2. The depth of the building is preferably greater than the width.

3. The installation surface of the building should be in close connection with the industrial air curtain.

4. less places outside the wind.

5. The width of the industrial air curtain is greater than the width of the import or export or equal.

6. Indoor warm and full, uniform.

7. Use the exhaust fan, such as the range hood or exhaust, should be set up supply fan (back to the fan) to balance the positive and negative pressure, to avoid convection, reduce the use of industrial air curtain effect.

What is the working principle and function of industrial air curtains? Today, one of the industrial air curtain manufacturers to come and talk about the relevant content!

1, to create a comfortable indoor environment: industrial air curtains produce high-speed air, indoor and outdoor is divided into two independent temperature areas, can maintain indoor air conditioning ambient temperature constant, and can promote air circulation, make the air more fresh.

2, to prevent cold and warm outflow, save electricity: the continued formation of the air door, can effectively prevent cold (warm) gas leakage, saving electricity.

3, dust, pest control: industrial air curtains produce high-speed airflow, the formation of a protective door, can effectively block the outside dust, smoke, odor and insect invasion, keep the room clean.

4, smoke and harmful gases: industrial air curtain air circulation system can make the various parts of the indoor strong barrier fumes spicy flavor drift and industrial exhaust and other harmful gases into the room.

5, the balance of indoor temperature: in the gymnasium, cinema, entertainment and other space due to large air-conditioning energy distribution uneven, can be used for industrial air curtain air circulation system functions to the indoor temperature balance.

Above is the working principle of industrial air curtain and the role of the industrial air curtain as a new product, you can create a comfortable indoor environment, but also played a role in energy saving, balanced indoor temperature, versatile. How to choose the right ventilation fan for industrial air curtains? In the purchase of ventilation fans when you need to pay attention to what? The following by the industrial air curtain wholesale manufacturers to one for you to briefly introduce!

First, according to the use of the environment to choose ventilation fans

Such as kitchen and other fumes, high temperature use of the place should choose high temperature, explosion-proof fume ventilation fans, and bedroom, living room, study and other recreational areas should choose quiet type ventilation fans, low noise does not affect people to rest.

Second, according to the safety of choice ventilation fans

Ventilator fans are certified by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, with "3C" certification mark, because China's ventilation fan production "3C" certification system, "3C" certification products to market, choose to have "3C" certified ventilation fans Quality is more assured, more secure and reliable.

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