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Historical Development Of The Fan Coil Unit
Feb 08, 2017

Fan-coil unit is an ideal end of central air conditioning products, fan-coil unit is widely used in hotels, office buildings, hospitals, commercial, and scientific research institutions. Fan air mixing or outdoor air through the cooling coil for cooling or heating into the indoor, indoor air temperature lower or higher to meet the requirements of people comfortable.

Present situation and development of China's history of fan coil, Chinese fan coil has gone through several different processes. Early awareness of fan-coil units stay mainly to meet the requirements on the basis of the amount of wind. As long as the wind meets the requirement, that is, a good fan-coil. Guided by this idea, when production of fan-coil unit air generally exceed is the main feature, then brings the noise, energy, detection of fan-coil unit cooling capacity of the unit power only 40W. Because of the noise, the situation is that people enjoy the blowing cold air air conditioning at the same time, also had to put up with annoying noise of war.

In order to solve the above problems, the State began to modify standard fan-coil units. 2003 GB/T 19232-2003 of the fan-coil units issued and implemented on each fan-coil performance was strictly regulated, performance testing should include air flow, cooling capacity, quantity of heat, water, condensation, condensation water. Quality problems in engineering applications, promulgated in 2007, GB 50411-2007 code for acceptance of construction quality of building energy-saving in 10.2.2 mandatory "fan coil units and insulation comes into play, to reinspect its technical performance parameters, reinspection shall be a witness sampling inspection. Fan coil units for cooling, heating, air volume, export static pressure, noise and power; random sample inspection verification reinspection report. Check the number: the same manufacturer retesting fan-coil units according to the number of 2%, but not less than 2 ".

Fan-coil manufacturing industry rapid development in recent years, the annual output has surge from early 80 's thousands of current millions of. The mid-80, United States Trane, York, carrier, and other companies represented by the fan-coil manufacturing abroad, having been completed the upgrading of products and launched a generation of new products. When China's air conditioner industry was intoxicated with homebred fan-coil cooling, noise isolation parameters such as proximity to the foreign product and ignore the comprehensive performance and effect real gap on rollover, in China's air conditioner industry product replacement fail to have any repercussions. Into 2000 with the implementation of several national standards, domestic air conditioning companies catch up, present the latest generation of fan-coil unit both in performance, variety and the domestic products and foreign products are not much, but overseas production bases and research and development centers also have moved to the country.

Due to the fan-coil system is easy to control, and low cost, easy to install, so its application area continues to expand, product type is also increasing. Large traditional, centralized air conditioning and split-type air conditioner can not meet modern civilization on the living environment quality and management requirements of residence time, emerged the concept of household central air conditioner, fan-coil units in which plays an indispensable role. As: wind cold type hot and cold water unit and wind machine disc tube combined (as special spirit), and wind cold type hot and cold water unit and wind machine disc tube and to warm combined (as Tsinghua Solan), and water (to) source hot pump unit and wind machine disc tube combined, and wind cold cold water unit and household boiler and wind machine disc tube combined (as York) and so on, households type Central air conditioning in China is in recent years only appeared of new concept, but in American has has near half century of application experience. At present, residential central air-conditioning is becoming the Chinese real estate developers to improve the grade of real estate and its owners improve the quality of living conditions.

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