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Fan Coil Unit The End Of The Device
Aug 29, 2017

Fan Coil Unit The end of the device

The difference between fan coil and chamber machine

Fan coil is device at the end of the central air conditioning system, its working principle is unit within the recirculation of air of the room, make the air through the central air conditioning system access after cold water or hot water coil cooling or heating medium is water (note: the pipe), to maintain a constant room temperature. Normally, air inlet is sent into the room after the new air unit is processed to meet the new air volume requirements of the air-conditioning room. Air-conditioners and the indoor machine is indoor component, it through the cycle of indoor air and the access to the indoor outdoor heat exchanger to heat to achieve the effect of cooling or heating medium is freon) (note: the pipe, it is only indoor air circulation, without a new wind (fresh air). About fan coil supply, backwater temperature difference

Fan coil units must supply and return water temperature difference, water temperature, refrigerating capacity with less, according to statistics, the water temperature rise 1 ℃, refrigerating capacity reduced 10%, the higher the water temperature, the larger the damping, dehumidifying capacity decline.

The water supply condition is certain, when the air volume of fan coil is changed, the difference of refrigerating capacity and the enthalpy of air treatment change with the change. Generally, the cooling quantity is reduced and the enthalpy difference increases.

Fan coil air flow must be, water supply temperature, water changes, refrigerating capacity changes over the water, according to the part of the fan coil product performance statistics, when the water temperature is 7 ℃, water is reduced to 80%, the refrigerating capacity for about 92% of the original, that when water supply change's influence on the refrigerating capacity is relatively slow.

What is the main structure of fan coil unit

The fan coil unit consists mainly of low noise motor, fin and heat exchanger coil.

The cold (hot) medium water in the fan coil is supplied by the main room of the air conditioning main engine room. Fan coil product standards must be based on GB/T 19232-2003 production of fan coil units, the national air conditioning equipment quality supervision and inspection center for many times entrusted by the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine national fan coil units of product quality supervision and spot check, fan coil to detect unqualified project is mainly in the majority with noise and refrigerating capacity.

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