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Fan Coil Unit The Different Ways Are Roughly Divided Into
Aug 03, 2017

Fan Coil Unit The different ways are roughly divided into

Fan coil according to the different installation methods are divided into five types, namely: horizontal concealed fan coil series, horizontal mounted fan coil series, vertical mounted fan coil series, vertical concealed fan Coil series and card fan fan coil series. Each fan coil has its own role and advantages, many designers are based on the use of different places, the choice of fan coil will be different. The reason why the choice of different fan coil, because each fan coil has its own advantages. Xiaobian next to give you a brief talk to everyone about the application of each fan coil characteristics and product applications: the ideal place in any place under the ceiling, do not take up any indoor area, easy to install, the shell by electrostatic spraying, Can be commensurate with the interior decoration, suitable for the old building air conditioning engineering transformation, can reduce the pipeline, cost savings. The fan coil mainly relies on the forced action of the fan, so that the air through the heater surface is heated, thus strengthening the radiator and air convection heat exchanger, can quickly heat the room air. Fan coil is the end of the air conditioning system device, its working principle is the unit within the recycle of the air duct

The air in the room, so that the air through the cold water (hot water) coil is cooled (heated) to keep the room temperature constant. Usually, through the new air unit after treatment into the room to meet the air conditioning room fresh air volume needs. However, because this heating method is only based on convective heat transfer, resulting in the room can not achieve the best level of comfort, it is only suitable for people with shorter residence time, such as: office and hotel, not for ordinary residential. As a result of increased fan, increased cost and operating costs, equipment maintenance and management is also more complex. Fan coil control more use of local control program, divided into simple control and temperature control two. Simple control: the use of three-speed switch directly manual control of the fan's three-speed conversion and start and stop. Temperature control: STC series thermostat according to the set temperature and the actual detection temperature comparison, operation, automatic control STV series electric two / three valve opening and closing; fan three-speed conversion. Or direct control of the fan's three-speed conversion and start and stop, so as to control the system flow or air volume to achieve the purpose of temperature.

Fan coil as the central air-conditioning terminal equipment, the quality of the decision of the indoor air conditioning effect. Performance is mainly to send cold (heat) the amount of protection, the amount of air supply protection, the noise ratio, the condensate does not leak and electrical appliances, sheet metal design rationality and so on.

Fan coil is responsible for the cold and hot water to pass the hot and cold heat through the fan coil of the important mission of the air, in order to ensure high efficiency heat transfer, the requirements of the fan coil surface must be kept as smooth as possible. However, because the fan coil is generally equipped with coarse filter, the hole is relatively large, in the beginning of the use of dust is difficult to pass through the filter and attached to the coil pipe or rib surface. If not timely cleaning will make the coil hot and cold water and the outside of the air flow between the volume of heat reduced, so that the coil heat transfer efficiency can not fully play out. If a lot of dust is attached, even if some of the air channels between the fins are blocked, the air volume of the fan coil will be reduced and the air conditioning performance will be further reduced.

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