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Fan Coil Unit Structure
Sep 28, 2017

fan coil unit Structure

What is the structure of the fan coil? Below the small tape with everyone to learn the next:

We usually touch the fan coil first there are horizontal concealed fan coil, horizontal mounted fan coil, vertical installed fan coil, vertical concealed fan coil in several ways, as other ways Of the coil are basically there are several types of coil evolution may be slim from the change, so we constitute the structure of the fan coil to do with these types of coil analysis:

(A) condensed water tray

The function of the water tray is to collect the condensate of the fan coil, and connect the condensate pipe to drain the condensate. When the coil on the air cooling dehumidification treatment, the condensate will occur in the drip tray (also known as water tray, water tray), and discharged through the drain.

(2) coil

The cold (hot) media in the coil is supplied by the machine room. Control switch to open the two-way solenoid valve cold (hot) media flow through the coil, after heat exchange, suck out the cold or hot air.

(C) motor

Fan coil motor with two-axis motor and single-cycle motor two, three-speed transformation and start and stop, red line then high-speed, blue line then the speed, black line then low speed. The motor based on the current there are several other ways, which is the main component of the impact of fan coil life.

(4) air conditioning fan

Air conditioning fan air conditioning fan mainly by the chassis, impeller, air inlet composition.

Chassis: all selected galvanized steel plate made of the mouth, or excellent cold-rolled plate made of the mouth, its smooth lines, heat, moisture, durable. In the case of

Impeller: forward multi-wing arcs and the front plate, the plate riveting molding, the severe dynamic and static balance proofreading to ensure smooth work, high efficiency, low noise. In the case of

Fan coil unit in the use of hot and cold water has been circulating in circulation, if not installed electric two-way valve, then when the fan coil motor power is off when the machine is still hot and cold water is still in the cycle of energy consumption, In line with the principle of energy conservation. Fan coil electric two-way valve commonly known as solenoid valve, its working principle is to use the magnetic field generated by the electromagnetic coil to pull the spool to change the valve body off, the coil power, spool on the spring pressure to return.

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