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Fan Coil Unit Heat Exchanger
Jun 07, 2017

Fan coil is the ideal end of the central air conditioning products, by the heat exchanger, water pipes, filters, fans, water tray, exhaust valve, bracket and other components. Fan coil mainly rely on the forced action of the fan, so that the air through the heater surface is heated, thus strengthening the radiator and air convection heat transfer between the air can quickly heat the room. The fan coil is the end device of the air conditioning system. The working principle is that the air in the room where the unit is recirculating is cooled, and the air is cooled (heated) by cold water (hot water) coil to keep the room temperature constant. Usually, the fresh air through the new air unit after treatment into the room to meet the air conditioning room fresh air volume needs. Because this heating method is only based on convective heat transfer, which makes the room not reach the best level of comfort, it is only suitable for people living in shorter places, such as: office and hotels, hospitals, restaurants, factories, hospitals, exhibitions Museums, shopping malls and office buildings and other large rooms or large space industrial and civil construction of air-conditioned occasions. As a result of increased fan, increased cost and operating costs, equipment maintenance and management is also more complex.

Fan coil is the ideal end of the central air conditioning products, fan coil is widely used in hotels, office buildings, hospitals, commercial and residential, scientific research institutions. To meet different occasions

(No back to the bellows) fan coil, horizontal mounted fan coil, vertical concealed fan (horizontal box) Coil, vertical mounted fan coil, card two wind fan coil, card four wind turbine coil and wall-mounted fan coil and so on. The fan coil unit is mainly composed of low noise motor, coil and so on. The fan will be indoor air or outdoor mixed air through the surface cooler for cooling or heating into the room, so that the indoor temperature drop or rise to meet people's comfort requirements. The cold (hot) media in the coil is supplied by the machine room.

The fan coil body structure is exquisite, compact, durable, beautiful appearance and noble and elegant.

Fan coil using high-quality galvanized sheet chassis, condensate pan with a molding process one molding, no weld, solder joints, in line with the fire specifications of the insulation material as a whole connected to the water tray.

Fan coil small size: the body design lightweight. Drain pipe and line installation is simple, left and right to take over and return to the wind at any time to change to meet the scene. The crew can be installed in any space.

Fan coil high efficiency: advanced expansion tube process to ensure that the heat exchanger copper and aluminum foil in close contact with good heat transfer performance;

Fan coil noise is low: a reasonable fan and air flow structure design, high-quality sound-absorbing insulation materials, so that the unit noise is lower than the national standard 1-3dB (A);

Fan coil energy consumption is low: a reasonable match between the fan and the heat exchanger, adjustable third volume air volume, so that the wind power consumption of the province.

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