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Fan Coil Unit Heat Exchange
Sep 20, 2017

fan coil unit Heat exchange

For horizontal concealed fan coil, in the installation process should be closely with the interior decoration work to prevent damage in the construction of the decoration of the ceiling or wall. The location and size of the return air outlet should be considered for the maintenance of the fan coil and the convenience of the valve switch.

The supply and return pipes connected to the fan coil must be flexible. As the fan coil work, the large air conditioning office in  will have a certain degree of vibration, the use of hard links will not only produce greater noise, a long time will cause the joints at the water leakage, serious damage to the fan coil. Flexible connection in two forms: one is a special rubber flexible joints, joints at both ends of each set a threaded union, one end connected with the pipeline, the other end connected with the fan coil; the other is the annealing of pure copper , Both ends of the expansion with a diffuser into a bell-shaped, tightened with a nut.

And the fan coil connected to the cold, hot water pipe on the water pipe, can be installed Y-type water filter to remove the pipeline of mechanical impurities and sludge, so as to prevent fan coil clogging.

The connection of the fan coil to the cold and hot water pipe should be installed in the form of "sending it up" to improve the heat exchange performance of air handling.

Horizontal mounted fan coil installed in and out of the water pipe, the ground can be out of the water pipe out of the machine, lifting and then connected with the pipeline, but also in the lifting, the panel and condensate water tray removed, and then connected. Vertical installation of the fan coil installed in and out of the water pipe, the unit can be removed, the panel removed to install.

The installation of the fan coil must be correct and the bolt is equipped with a gasket. Fan coil fan coil and duct connection with rubber plate connection, to ensure strict leaks.

Dark and horizontal fan coil should be supported, hanger fixed, in order to facilitate the demolition, repair and replacement of fan coil, civil roof should be set than the implied fan coil around the 250mm height of the activities of the ceiling, activities, Bit.

Installation, the need to pay attention to the unit and the supply of water pipe insulation quality, to prevent condensation water, the unit condensate water tray should be drained, the unit drainage should be 3% of the slope to the specified location.

Water pipe and fan coil connection should adopt the hose, take over should be straight, is strictly leaking.

Fan coil with the water supply pipe should be cleaned after the sewage connection, in the water supply pipe to the unit should be set on the filter to prevent the pipeline plug the heat exchanger.

The use and maintenance of central air - conditioning fan coil units

The fan coil should have an exhaust device.

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