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Fan Coil Unit Dust Cleaning
Sep 07, 2017

fan coil unit Dust cleaning

When cleaning the fan coil dust cleaning is often overlooked, many people clean up the work is not very detailed. Here to remind you of dust on the use of the fan coil effect is also a big impact on his cleaning is very important, the following we slowly look at it:

Fan coil is responsible for the cold and hot water to pass the hot and cold heat through the fan coil of the important mission of the air, in order to ensure high efficiency heat transfer, the requirements of the fan coil surface must be kept clean. However, because the fan coil is generally equipped with coarse filter, the hole is relatively large, in the beginning of the use of dust is difficult to pass through the filter and attached to the coil pipe or rib surface. If not timely cleaning will make the coil hot and cold water and coil outside the air flow between the amount of heat to reduce the coil heat transfer efficiency can not fully play out. If a lot of dust is attached, even if some of the air channels between the fins are blocked, the air volume of the fan coil will be reduced and the air conditioning performance will be further reduced.

Describe the fan coil cooling

The fan coil is mainly composed of fan, heat exchange coil and casing, according to the fan coil outside the static pressure can be divided into standard and high static pressure type, according to the number of heat exchange coil row can be divided into two rows and three rows , The heat exchanger coil is generally made of brass string aluminum fin, copper tube diameter of 10 ~ 16mm, fin thickness of about 0.15 ~ 0.2mm, spacing 2.0 ~ 3.0mm, the fan is generally used to double the wind before the curved blade centrifugal Fan, the motor uses a capacitive 4-pole single-phase motor, third gear speed, chassis and condensate plate insulation.

Fan coil The working principle of the air conditioning system is to continuously circulate the indoor air through the fan coil unit, so that it is cooled or heated by the coil to keep the room required temperature and a certain relative humidity. Coils used in cold water or hot water, supplied by concentrated cold and heat sources. At the same time, by the new air conditioning room centralized treatment of the new wind, through the special new air duct were sent to the air-conditioned rooms to meet the air conditioning room health requirements.

Fan coil air conditioning system compared with the centralized system, there is no large duct, only the water pipes and smaller new duct, with the layout and installation convenience, occupation of building space is small, individually adjustable and so on, widely used in temperature and humidity accuracy The requirements are not high, the number of rooms, the room is small, need a separate control of the comfort of air conditioning.

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