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Fan Coil Unit Development Trend
Jun 23, 2017

Fan Coil Unit development trend

Development trend editor

China's fan coil has undergone several different changes in the process. Initially, the understanding of the fan coil unit to stay in the main requirements to meet the air volume on the basis of. That as long as the air volume to meet the requirements, is a good fan coil. Under the guidance of this concept, the production of the fan coil unit is the main feature of the air flow is generally exceeded, followed by the unit is the noise, energy consumption, the detection of the production of the fan coil unit unit power cooling capacity Only about 40W. As the noise is large, then the situation is that people enjoy the air conditioning to bring the experience of cold wind at the same time, also had to endure annoying noise. In order to solve the above problems, the state began to modify the fan coil unit product standards. China's fan coil manufacturing industry rapid development, the annual output from the early eighties of the thousands of surge to tens of thousands of units, product performance has long been hovering in the foreign seventies level. This low level of rapid growth, the prospects are not optimistic. The mid-eighties to the United States Trane, York, Carrier and other companies as the representative of the foreign fan coil manufacturing industry, have completed the upgrading of the product, and launched a new generation of products. At that time, China's air-conditioning industry is reveling in the domestic fan coil in the cold, noise and other isolated parameters close to foreign products and ignore the comprehensive performance and the effect of the real gap, so that this product can not be replaced in the air conditioning industry in China repercussions. In fact, the latest generation of foreign fan coil in terms of performance, variety and air conditioning should be ahead of our products.

Fan coil is the ideal end of the central air conditioning products, fan coil is widely used in hotels, office buildings, hospitals, commercial and residential, scientific research institutions. It is understood that, in order to meet the design of different occasions, fan coil types are many kinds of horizontal concealed (bring back to the bellows) fan coil, horizontal mounted fan coil, vertical concealed fan coil, vertical Ming installed fan coil, card two wind fan coil, card four wind fan coil and wall-mounted fan coil and so on.

Selection of fan coil is a key issue. According to the maximum cooling capacity of air-conditioned room selection fan coil is a common practice in air conditioning system design, its purpose is to ensure that the peak load when the room temperature. And in fact the air-conditioned room running most of the time will not be at peak load, so that the cooling capacity of excess, and switch to medium and low-grade operation to reduce the cooling output, thus maintaining the room heat balance. Select the fan coil unit, in addition to the cooling capacity to meet the cooling load requirements, but also to meet their sensible heat and latent heat to meet the requirements of the room to meet the requirements of the heat and humidity ratio; air volume to meet the air temperature, the number of ventilation and air Such as the use of requirements.

Fan coil as the central air-conditioning terminal equipment, its quality determines the quality of the indoor air conditioning. At the same time, its cleaning problem also directly affects the use of central air conditioning effect. The dust in the atmosphere a lot of particles, in the long-term pumping, return to the wind, the fan's aluminum fins filled with dust and dirt, this time on the one hand affected the hot water and hot air heat exchange to reduce the temperature of the air affected; On the one hand also affected by the heat exchange after the cooling of the cold air sent, resulting in air conditioning and the room is still not cold phenomenon. Because the central air conditioning host after cooling 7 degrees of water into the fan coil, in the fan coil to exchange after 15 - 16 degrees of cold air, so that the room temperature is reduced. Therefore, the central air conditioning in the use of a period of time, it is necessary to clean the fan aluminum fins to solve the above drawbacks.

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