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Fan Coil Unit Daily Maintenance
Jul 05, 2017

Fan Coil Unit Daily maintenance

The fan coil is usually installed directly in the air-conditioned room, its working condition and quality of work not only affect the air conditioning effect it should play, but also affect the indoor noise level and air quality. Therefore, we must do a good job of air filter, drip tray, coil, fan and other major parts of the daily maintenance work to ensure that the fan coil to play a normal role, does not have a negative impact.

(1) air filter

The air filter is an important part of the fan coil used to purify the return air, usually using a filter made of chemical fiber or multi-layer metal mesh. Due to the location of the installation of the fan coil, the length of working hours, the use of different conditions, the cleaning cycle and cleaning the way is also different. Under normal circumstances, in the continuous use of a month should be cleaned once, if cleaning work

Not timely, the filter hole hole is very serious, it will make the fan coil air volume greatly reduced, the room to the cold (heat) the amount will be greatly reduced accordingly, thus affecting the quality of room temperature control.

Air filter cleaning method should be convenient, fast, small workload point of view, the preferred vacuum cleaner cleaning mode, the biggest advantage of this way is not clean the filter when removing the filter. For those who are not easy to clean the wet, heavy, sticky dust, will have to remove the filter with water pressure rinse or scrub, or clean the way to clean the water.

Air filter cleaning work is the fan coil maintenance work in the most frequent, the largest workload, must give full attention and reasonable arrangements.

(2) drip tray

When the coil on the air cooling dehumidification treatment, the resulting condensate will drip in the drip tray (also known as water tray, water tray), and discharged through the drain. Fan coil air filter is generally rough filter, some small dust will pass through the filter hole and attached to the coil surface, when the surface of the coil there is condensation when the formation of these dust will fall into the drip

In the tray. Therefore, the drip tray must be cleaned regularly to clean the dust deposited in the drip tray. Otherwise, the deposition of dust too much, will make the water capacity of the drip tray to reduce the amount of condensate in the larger, due to excretion is not timely caused by condensate from the drip tray overflow damage to the room ceiling accident; Mouth, the same occurrence of condensate overflow;

Three will become a breeding ground for bacteria and even mosquitoes, posing a threat to the health of the staff in the room.

Drip tray is generally cleaned twice a year if it is seasonal use of air conditioning. It is cleaned once after the end of the air conditioning season. Cleaning methods are generally washed with water, the sewage discharged from the drainage pipe. In order to sterilize, you can also clean the clean drip tray and then disinfect water (such as bleach) scrub again.

(3) coil

The coil is responsible for the important task of passing cold (hot) water to the air through the fan coil. In order to ensure high efficiency heat transfer, the surface of the coil must be kept as clean as possible. However, the fan coil as the fan coil is generally equipped with coarse filter, the hole is relatively large, at the beginning of the use, it is inevitable that dust through the filter and attached to the coil pipe or rib surface. If not timely cleaning, it will make the coil in the cold (hot) water and the flow of air between the coil to reduce the amount of heat exchange, so that the coil heat transfer efficiency can not be fully brought out. If a lot of dust is attached and even some of the air channels between the fins are blocked, the air volume of the fan coil will be reduced and the air conditioning performance will be further reduced.

Coil cleaning method can refer to the air filter cleaning method, but the cleaning cycle can be longer, generally clean once a year. If it is seasonal use of air conditioning, then the air conditioning after the end of the season to clean once. Less than a last resort, do not use the overall removal from the installation of the way to clean, to reduce the cleaning workload and disassembly work on the impact of air conditioning.

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