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Fan Coil Unit Constantly Circulating Indoor Air
Aug 15, 2017

fan coil unit Constantly circulating indoor air

Describe the fan coil cooling

Fan coil mainly by the fan, heat coil and chassis composition, according to the fan coil outside the machine can be divided into standard and high static pressure type, according to the number of heat exchange coil row can be divided into two rows and three rows , The heat exchanger coil is generally made of brass string of aluminum fins, brass diameter of 10 ~ 16mm, fin thickness of about 0.15 ~ 0.2mm, spacing 2.0 ~ 3.0mm, the fan is generally used in the double into the wind before the curved blade centrifugal Fan, motor with 4-pole capacitive single-phase motor, third gear speed, chassis and condensate pan insulation.

Fan coil The working principle of the air conditioning system is to continuously circulate the indoor air through the fan coil unit, so that it is cooled or heated by the coil to keep the room required temperature and a certain relative humidity. The coil is used in cold water or hot water, supplied by a concentrated cold source and heat source. At the same time, by the new air conditioning room centralized treatment of the new wind, through the special new air duct were sent to the air-conditioned rooms to meet the air conditioning room health requirements.

Fan coil air conditioning system compared with the centralized system, there is no large duct, only the water pipes and smaller new duct, with the layout and installation convenience, occupation of building space is small, individually adjustable and so on, widely used in temperature and humidity accuracy The requirements are not high, the number of rooms, the room is small, need a separate control of the comfort of air conditioning.

Room room fan coil often leaks, if not the pipeline, valve damage, usually caused by condensate. Leakage in the fan coil collection plate, the main insulation problem, to strengthen the insulation, you can rule out; such as in the water tray, is the fan coil condensate pipe is not smooth, is caused by condensate overflow, dredge condensate pipe approach, Usually to prepare a 4-5 m long plastic pipe, one plug into the condensate drain tube, one by one in the bathroom faucet (can make a small joint, screwed on the faucet), the use of water pressure, the pipeline Dredge, or purge with carbon dioxide cylinders.

Fan coil condensate pipe clogging phenomenon is often, this is mainly room fan coil there is water, coupled with the temperature appropriate, easy to grow algae breeding, resulting in a very smooth sticky residue, the condensate pipe plug live. Foreign countries often in the room fan coil water tray placed anti-algae drugs to reduce its harm. Central air conditioning fan coil condensate drain pipe is always blocked, often there will be water leakage from the above, once blocked will have a lot of biological silt, dirty. In addition to regular cleaning, there are the following methods:

It is recommended that the system thoroughly rinse the cleaning, check the fan coil return to the outlet whether there is a filter, pipe installation slope is to meet the requirements.

Of course, cleaning is a palliative approach. Fan coil condensate is often blocked because the equipment where the dust is too much, drip pan is often contaminated. In fact, the biological scale is the dirt of the environment.

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