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Commercial Air Curtain Will Be Divided Into Room Table
Nov 01, 2017

commercial air curtain Will be divided into room table

Where is the scope of application of the air curtain machine?

Air curtain machine is mainly installed in the refrigeration, air conditioning, dustproof, insulated shopping malls, theaters, conference rooms, operating room and home above the door, start the air curtain machine, the room can be separated from the air Convenience, but also to avoid the role of room hot and cold air exchange, together, but also has a dust, pollution prevention, anti-mosquito effect. Widely used in electronics, appearance, pharmaceutical, food, fine processing, chemical, footwear, and service, business and so on.

Air curtain machine to produce high-speed air flow, the room table divides two independent temperature areas invented comfortable indoor environment, adhere to the indoor air conditioning and the role of air purification, saving energy together, and make air circulation, useful dust, Odor and insects and other microorganisms. To avoid cold (warm) gas outflow, saving electricity to continue to form the air door, can be useful to avoid cold (warm) gas leakage, saving electricity, the room table divides two independent temperature areas, long-term work in the air conditioner, Help to adjust the temperature of the cycle, to save energy to improve the environment.

Dust, pest control air curtain machine to produce high-speed air, constitute a maintenance door, can be useful to block the outdoor dust and insects intrusion, adhere to the indoor cleaning. Smoke and harmful gas effect Air curtain air circulation system can make the indoor nautical strong isolation of fumes from the spicy flavor and industrial waste gas, car exhaust and other harmful gases into the room. Air circulation in the stadium, cinema, entertainment and other space due to large air conditioning energy distribution uneven, the air curtain air circulation system function to achieve indoor temperature balance. Air curtain machine in the use of a period of time, it should be cleaned, most users in the cleaning air curtain machine, in fact, only the shell, panel and filter were cleaned, and the internal condenser and evaporator and other special components There is no way, but the latter is often the breeding ground for bacteria.

If the air curtain machine in operation, 80% of the air in the small dust and bacteria through the filter into the air curtain inside the machine, with the condensate after blocking the plug in the evaporator, affecting the air curtain cooling and cooling, while wet The surface of the evaporator is a breeding ground for various bacteria.

Cleaning air curtain machine: indoor part

Indoor unit radiator such as dirty block: will cause indoor air flow to reduce the indoor air circulation slow, air-conditioning blowing out. The original 1 hour to allow the room to set the temperature. It is possible to reach the set temperature by 3 hours for the inside of the machine. Cleaning air curtain machine: indoor water tray

Indoor water tray long-term cleaning is easy to become filthy place. The virus will multiply in the air curtain machine, threatening human health. So it is recommended that you regularly clean the air curtain machine.

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