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Commercial Air Curtain Power Adjustable
Oct 12, 2017

commercial air curtain Power adjustable

Buy business air curtain of the Notes

First, energy saving

Commercial air curtain is a power consumption product, so how to save electricity to reduce operating costs is the topic of concern for each user. To be energy efficient to choose the power adjustable commercial air curtain. For example: (10,11) month weather temperature is not too low, you can use the power to achieve the desired effect, so that you can save half the amount of electricity per month, so that you unknowingly put The purchase cost of the machine is saved.

In addition, the installation of thermal insulation device commercial air curtain, but also a good solution to this problem. Its unique temperature controller, you can feel the sensitivity of the outside world changes, when the outside temperature reaches a certain value, the sensor immediately to respond. The heater is closed, until the temperature is lower than the set value, and restart, to ensure adequate heat. But want to do this, we must use the real unit combination of double-layer heater thermal protection model.

 In addition, some users need to use the air curtain in summer to block mosquitoes, dust and hot air into the room. If you buy a hot commercial air curtain, an air curtain is the purchase cost is too high. Moreover, such as the use of ordinary type of need to be stitches to control the hot commercial air curtain and air curtain machine conversion, an increase of labor costs. The use of two sets of lines to control the air curtain and hot air curtain conversion, the cost of cable to increase expenses. But if you choose a commercial air curtain that increases overheating protection, these problems can be solved, and its unique switch design allows easy access to air curtains and thermal commercial air curtains on the panel, saving you time, Save money and save money.

Second, the effect is good

Good sealing effect. But relatively speaking, high wind speed will inevitably cause noise, heat reduction. First of all, according to the different use of the environment to determine the different types of commercial air curtain. In general, the use of commercial air curtain is mainly used for "heating" and "closed door". Such as for heating should use low wind speed commercial air curtain, this commercial air curtain, low noise, adequate heat, good heating effect. This machine is mainly chosen to consider the size of its "power" and the effect. Generally speaking, shelves 3 meters high room, such as no heating facilities. Every square meter to be (200 ---- 300) W, that is, 100 square meters of room heating, need 200W * 100 = 20KW. Choose a 20KW commercial air curtain can be. For auxiliary heating per square meter to be 100W. That is 100 square meters * 100W = 10KW, choose a 90-type commercial air curtain can be. If used for sealing doors should be used high wind speed commercial air curtain, in order to meet the door with commercial air curtain. First, consider the width of the door. Should try to choose a small number of units to reduce the purchase cost. Such as 6 meters wide door is best to use four 1.5 m commercial air curtain. And do not use five 1.2-meter commercial air curtain. Hanging in the door on the "Ming installed", but also consider the appearance of the beautiful, the other air inlet dust network to choose a more dense "metal mesh." To prevent dust and debris into the machine, affecting the service life. The outlet of the wind guide plate, to choose to meet the safety requirements, the gap is small, to prevent the finger into the electric shock.

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