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Commercial Air Curtain Mainly Based On Different Applications
Aug 15, 2017

commercial air curtain Mainly based on different applications

Commercial air curtain selection:

Commercial air curtain selection application is mainly based on different applications to distinguish:

Selection of commercial air curtain model mainly according to the width and height of the door with the commercial air curtain body length and wind wheel diameter ratio, the width of the door is slightly shorter than the length of the fuselage is better, can also be connected in parallel or two or more, The door can be selected when the wind wheel diameter larger models, and vice versa can choose a smaller wheel size models. The environment requires a quiet choice of small wheel size models, and vice versa is the use of large wheel size models.

Commercial air curtain with fast, slow control of the line, as long as the press high, low-grade to get the right wind speed.

The outlet grid is active, adjusting its angle to change the direction of the wind.

   Commercial air curtain shell made of aluminum alloy or imported zinc cold plate production, the appearance of electrostatic spray powder, paint, the appearance of luxury, durable. The same time as

Ordinary commercial air curtain:

    1. hotels, hotels, conference rooms, office buildings and other relatively quiet places: these places are generally quiet, less flow of people, but the door is needed to open, so in order to limit the hot and cold convection to maintain room temperature, in the choice of business Air curtain when the main consideration is the height of the door, the site installation conditions and noise. According to experience, these places generally the door height of 2.5 meters or less, most of the stainless steel door frame; in order to with the surrounding environment with the overall choice of the appearance of a more clean, stylish light commercial air curtain.

2. Hotel, shopping malls, theaters, hospitals and other places where traffic is relatively large: such places because the door is relatively open (generally not less than 3 meters), the flow is relatively large, so to choose a large amount of electric air commercial air curtain, Higher, so if the power supply conditions are limited, by the central air conditioning hot water source as far as possible the choice of water and heat commercial air curtain, so that can fully play the role of energy conservation. The same time as

3. cold storage, freezer: these places relatively more emphasis on the practical effect of the product, so you can use the wind of natural wind commercial air curtain, the effect is very good

4. Constant temperature storage logistics center: warehousing logistics center of the door will generally be more than 4 meters, so the ordinary air volume of commercial air curtain is difficult to achieve the desired effect so the choice of large air volume centrifugal commercial air curtain, wind resistance height of 4.5 meters The.

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