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Commercial Air Curtain Air Ionization
Sep 07, 2017

commercial air curtain Air ionization

The role of commercial air curtain is the use of air ionization and fan with positive and negative charge blowing. The formation of a positive and negative charge of the air flow, the surface of the charge carried by the object and out. When the surface of the object is negatively charged, it attracts a positive charge in the airflow. When the surface of the object is positively charged, it attracts the negative charge in the current, so that the static electricity on the surface of the object is neutralized Eliminate the purpose of static electricity.

    Commercial air curtain series has a small fan to provide wind, but also a roller fan to provide wind. The size of the wind can be driven by the speed switch in a big one

Commercial air curtain ionization device: ionization device in the high-voltage device produced by the low current high voltage, the formation of a stable high-intensity electric field, ionization of air to form ions, brought out by the air to reach the surface of the object to achieve the purpose of static and static.

    Features: 1, and static electricity quickly. 2, ion air flow coverage area. 3, wide range of ion mediation. 6, the fan has a good grounding protection. 7, the appearance of more beautiful. 8, clean more convenient. 9, the noise is lower. 10, the use of centrifugal front brake impeller structure, with efficient volute design, the air flow and high pressure. The role of air curtain:

    1, the insulation function: the air curtain makes such as restaurants, shops and entertainment such customers often access the place is not need to constantly open the door. This can be 60-80% efficiency to keep the indoor cold, warm air temperature. But will only allow a slight temperature change.

    2, pest control function: can be found most of the annoying insects can not pass through the wind curtain wall. This can be better and easier to keep fruit counters, fast food restaurants and other places of health.

3, dust-proof function: If the precision machinery factory or the face of the bus street food store or clothing store in the entrance to the installation of commercial air curtain, you can effectively shield the outside of the dust, to 60-80% level to keep clean The

4, fresh function: air curtain can prevent from the chemical laboratory or store storage room and frozen meat machinery exudes a strange smell. And can block the harmful emissions of vehicles outside the gas. How to prevent air conditioning cold, hot air outflow, the experts made recommendations: commercial air curtain with air-conditioning combination of organic use, can effectively solve the cold air and hot air outflow of these problems.

5, anion function to produce reactive oxygen species, improve lung function, promote metabolism, improve sleep, sterilization, make fresh air, smoke and dust, prevent myopia, static to prevent hair split.

6, remote control function Now many brands are coupled with infrared reception function of the wind curtain machine. But in the application is not very popular, because the wind curtain machine than the wind curtain to change the temperature from time to time.

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