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Commercial Air Curtain Air Handling Equipment
Jun 07, 2017

The air curtain is made up of air handling equipment, ventilators, duct systems and air distributors. The machine is installed in the refrigeration, air conditioning, dustproof, insulated shopping malls, theaters, hotels, restaurants, conference rooms, cold storage, operating room and home above the door, start the machine, indoor and outdoor air can be separated from To both convenient access, but also to prevent indoor and outdoor hot and cold air exchange, at the same time, but also has a dust, pollution prevention, anti-mosquito effect. Widely used in electronics, instrumentation, pharmaceuticals, food, precision processing, chemical, footwear, and services, business and other industries.

The air curtain is a powerful airflow created by the cross-flow wind wheel, forming an invisible curtain, so also known as wind curtain machine, air curtain machine, air air curtain machine, air gate, air door, damper, , Diamond air curtain machine, diamond curtain machine.

For: refrigeration, air conditioning, dust, heat insulation shopping malls, theaters, factories, hotels, restaurants and other doors.

Air curtain of the air supply form, generally used to send the type, side of the delivery and delivery of three.

On the air curtain

The air curtain is installed in the upper part of the doorway. The air curtain is easy to install, does not occupy the building area, does not affect the beautiful building, air supply air quality is better, suitable for general public buildings. Although the air curtain is not as efficient as the air curtain, it is still one of the most promising forms. The general door of the air curtain of its purpose is to block the outdoor cold (hot) air, usually only set the air outlet, no return air, so that the jet and the ground contact after the free spread to the room, this door air curtain called simple air curtain. For the requirements of high construction, in order to better the organization of air, the top of the door set up the air outlet, the ground set back to the air, the air after filtration, heating and other recycling after use.

Side of the air curtain

The air curtain is installed on the side of the doorway and is divided into two types: one side and two sides. Industrial buildings, when the width of the outer door is less than 3M, should use unilateral air supply, when the outer door width of 3 ~ 18M, should use unilateral or bilateral air supply, or from the top down the air. In order not to block the air, with the side of the air curtain door is strictly prohibited inward open.

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