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Commercial Air Curtain According To The Use Of The Environment
Sep 20, 2017

commercial air curtain According to the use of the environment

How do I choose the right ventilator for a commercial air curtain?

How do I choose the right ventilator for a commercial air curtain? In the purchase of ventilation fans when you need to pay attention to what? The following by the commercial air curtain wholesale manufacturers to one for you to briefly introduce!

First, according to the use of the environment to choose ventilation fans

Such as kitchen and other fumes, high temperature use of the place should choose high temperature, explosion-proof fume ventilation fans, and bedroom, living room, study and other recreational areas should choose quiet type ventilation fans, low noise does not affect people to rest.

Second, according to the safety of choice ventilation fans

Ventilator fans are certified by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, with "3C" certification mark, because China's ventilation fan production "3C" certification system, "3C" certification products to market, choose to have "3C" certified ventilation fans Quality is more assured, more secure and reliable.

Third, check the trademark and certification information is complete.

Because the market is now a lot of cottage products, many can do to the real point of fake, but the function and security is far less than the regular manufacturers of products. So we want to see whether the ventilation fan product logo is complete, ventilation fans are marked in the obvious position: "CCC" symbol, product name, specification model, rated voltage, rated power, manufacturer name or trademark, etc., packing list, manual, qualified Card should be complete. Why is it necessary to maintain a commercial air curtain? The following by the commercial air curtain manufacturers and one of the manufacturers to talk about regular maintenance of commercial air curtain what are the benefits?

Extended service life

Such as the new central air conditioning unit equipment is not running before, are relatively clean. But after use, will produce dirt, sediment, debris and other debris, the need for timely removal, or affect the use of equipment and life. In the central air conditioning purification system maintenance and maintenance of a detailed analysis. Commercial air curtain is the same reason, good maintenance and maintenance can improve the use of equipment.

Lower operating costs

Regularly to the commercial air curtains to do maintenance, so that commercial air curtains running under normal conditions. Can guarantee the commercial air curtain of the use of the period.

Failure prevention

Through regular diagnosis to a certain extent can be predicted commercial air curtain system abnormal (failure). Through the maintenance of the minimum parts of the maintenance, to maintain the normal operation of commercial air curtains. And to prevent commercial air curtains appear big fault.

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