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Characteristics Of Radiant Panels
Feb 08, 2017

Whether it is thermal radiation or cold radiation plates, has the advantage of saving energy. Infrared heat radiation plates are issued to space in the form of heat, temperature even lower than other conventional convection heating means for heating the temperature 2~3℃, people still feel very comfortable. And the walls and floors are heated, but secondary to the indoor heat. Cold radiation to infrared absorption refrigeration, usually installed in the space above, apart from absorbing infrared rays from space cooling effect, as cold air flowing down from the upper, by way of convection cooling the room.

Low operating costs
Heat radiation plate or radiant panels for cooling the body itself does not have a fan, motor and other moving parts so maintenance is simple, requires little maintenance costs.

Uniform temperature distribution
Whether in the heat radiation plate beneath, or cold beneath the radiant panels, is not temperature peaks.

Spatial gain
Radiant Panel systems are usually installed on the roof, do not take up floors and walls, floors and walls can be used.

Comfortable and healthy
Radiant panels work no air conditioning, no dust.

No annoying noise
Radiant Panel system runs very quiet.

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