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Air Curtain Purifying Effect
Nov 01, 2017

Air Curtain Purifying effect

Air curtain stainless steel transfer window is a clean plant supporting the use of air purification equipment for clean room or clean room and non-clean room between the small and medium-sized goods delivery, in order to reduce the number of doors open, and then to reduce the need for bacteria to clean areas Of pollution.

Stainless steel transfer window has an accurate use of the method, as long as the use of accurate methods to ensure that its life is more durable, and can also reach the true purification of the transfer effect.

1, stainless steel transfer window in the course of the use of the two doors to adhere to the closed state, there are electrical lighting system transfer window, first plug the power plug, connected to 220V / 50Hz power supply.

2, the demand for stainless steel transfer window for the transfer of objects for disinfection and sterilization treatment, you can turn off the UV sterilization lamp power switch, UV sterilization lamp at the moment, according to the rules for disinfection and sterilization.

3, on the electronic interlocking air curtain stainless steel transfer window in the use of the process, open the side of the transfer window of the door, the other side of the door with the automatic locking, so in the delivery of goods, the first open the window transfer window, Will be required to pass the items into the transfer window after the closure of stainless steel door window, after sterilization, the other side of the door to transfer the door to open the same staff will be transferred to the goods immediately after the closure of stainless steel Of the door, to avoid affecting the delivery of the next item.

4, if the air curtain stainless steel transfer window to use the use of goods after the end, to immediately close the power switch, unplug the power plug to ensure the use of safety. How to improve the use of air curtain machine (wind curtain) power

1. the wind (side wind) less local

2. Indoor cold (warm) are very full and uniform

3. Building depth is greater than width

4. The width of the air curtain is greater than the width of the product is flat or slightly larger

5. There is no gap between the mounting surface and the air curtain

6. All the buildings are equipped with air curtain machine

7. The use of exhaust fans, such as the range hood or exhaust, should be set up supply fan (back to the fan) to balance the positive and negative pressure, to prevent the convection, down the use of air curtain machine. Air curtain machine to produce high-speed air flow, indoor and outdoor is divided into two independent temperature areas to create a comfortable indoor environment, to maintain indoor air conditioning and air purification effect, save energy at the same time, and make air circulation, effectively isolate dust, Gas and insects and other microorganisms. To prevent cold (warm) gas outflow, save electricity continued to form the air door, can effectively prevent cold (warm) gas leakage, save electricity, indoor and outdoor is divided into two independent temperature areas, air conditioner long operation, Auxiliary circulation to adjust the temperature, to save energy to improve the environment.

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