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Air Curtain Produce High-speed Airflow
Aug 03, 2017

Air Curtain Produce high-speed airflow

Air curtain applications in many areas, such as shopping malls, restaurants, cold storage, operating room, and even the door of the family. The advantage of installing the air curtain is that the air curtain can produce high-speed airflow, which divides the indoor and outdoor into two independent temperature areas to create a comfortable indoor environment, keep the air conditioning and purify the air, save the energy while keeping the air circulating and effectively isolating Dust, smoke, odor and insects and other microorganisms.

  How does the installed air curtain be diagnosed and repaired?

The diagnosis of the air curtain is mainly for the inside of the fan, the fan is a blower or exhaust device. A blower is a fan that blows air into the duct, pressure room, room or other space. A fan is a fan that sucks the air in the room.

The first thing is to check the imbalance of the fan outside the material. Many repairs will find something to stick to the fan rack. Fix Note: Remove these things and check for damage.

Followed by the fan transmission exceeds the rated value. Repair Description: Reduce fan speed.

Finally, the fan speed is high or the rotation direction is wrong. Repair Description: Reduce the speed of the fan or correct the direction of the fan. Air curtain installed in the refrigeration, air conditioning, dustproof, insulated shopping malls, theaters, hotels, restaurants, conference rooms, cold storage, operating room and home above the door, start the machine, indoor and outdoor air can be separated from To both convenient access, but also to prevent indoor and outdoor hot and cold air exchange, at the same time, but also has a dust, pollution prevention, anti-mosquito effect. Widely used in electronics, instrumentation, pharmaceuticals, food, precision machining, chemical, footwear, and services, business and so on.

 Air curtains produce high-speed airflow, indoor and outdoor divided into two independent temperature areas to create a comfortable indoor environment, to maintain indoor air conditioning and air purification effect, save energy at the same time, and make air circulation, effectively isolate dust, , Odor and insects and other microorganisms. To prevent cold (warm) gas outflow, save electricity continued to form the air door, can effectively prevent cold (warm) gas leakage, save electricity, indoor and outdoor is divided into two independent temperature areas, air conditioner long operation, Auxiliary cycle to adjust the temperature, to save energy to improve the environment. Dust, pest control air curtains produce high-speed airflow, the formation of a protective door, can effectively block the outdoor dust and insects intrusion, keep the room clean. Smoke and harmful gas effects Air curtain air circulation system can make the interior of the corner of the strong barrier fumes spicy flavor and industrial waste gas, car exhaust and other harmful gases into the room. Air circulation effect in the gymnasium, cinema, entertainment and other space due to large air-conditioning energy distribution uneven, the air curtain of the air circulation system functions to achieve indoor temperature balance.

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