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Air Curtain Installation Of Air Curtain
Oct 12, 2017

Air Curtain Installation of air curtain

Today, one of the air curtain wholesale manufacturers and we talk about air curtain maintenance methods!

First, the air curtain maintenance methods

1. Check, clean the machine before the power should be cut off;

2. With a soft fabric with a cleaning agent wet, clean into the wind a hundred windows, wind curtain leaves and hood;

3. When cleaning the leaves, the force is gentle, otherwise it will cause deformation and vibration.

Second, the air curtain installation requirements

1. The machine should be installed on the door frame

2. The width of the door hole must be less than or equal to the length of the wind curtain; (if the door is too wide, to connect several sets of wind curtain installation).

3. The mounting plate must be firmly attached to the wall (or on the column) to prevent vibration due to loosening.

Third, the air curtain installation method

Installation of the installation of the floor:

Such as: installed on the concrete wall. According to the position of the hole on the mounting base plate, arrange 8 bolts M10 × 60 relative size position, the bolt is embedded in the cement. Then attach the mounting base to it. Or directly in the concrete wall punching, with expansion screws fixed. First, the classification of air curtains

At present, the domestic distribution of air curtains are mainly two major categories - natural air air curtain, hot air curtain and hot and cold air curtain

1, natural air air curtain:

Natural air air curtain is mainly used for high temperature hot areas in central China and South China, with summer air conditioning outflows as the main target; natural air air curtain structure is relatively simple, at home and abroad major brands have natural air air curtain products, and products are more mature (Such as Panasonic air curtain, Mitsubishi air curtain, etc.);

In general, the natural air air curtain as the outlet part of the heater without a barrier, so the wind, air volume is sufficient, can be suspended height higher;

2, hot air curtain:

Mainly used in North China, northwest and northeast and other places, mainly used for winter indoor hot air outflow;

The most common hot air curtain is mainly electric heating, in the outlet is unknown to install a PTC heater, for the air to heat;

To ensure that the heating effect, so the outlet position of the heater density is high, and the larger size, it will inevitably lead to the outlet wind speed, air volume decreases, which seriously affect the air curtain of another major function - ventilator

To solve this problem, some manufacturers set the heater in the back of the air curtain in the air inlet, which in the air into the air curtain cavity when the heating, thus reducing the air curtain part of the wind damping, which perfectly solved this A question

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