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Air Curtain Installation Notes
Feb 07, 2017

1, the air curtain installation indoors, attracts the gusty area indoors abstract Interior cold air curtain in order to achieve cooling and dust and other effects. Air curtains are installed on an outdoor air curtain air taken for outdoor air. Increases air loss. Will have the opposite effect.
2 do not use and install air curtain at the following locations.
Place where freezing can occur. To produce steam. Where the dust. Fumes from the place. Place where explosive dust or gases. Where corrosive gases. Will be splashed with water. Near curtains and other flammable fuel (heating). Apart from the ground below the 2.3M place.
3, air curtain horizontally installed.
4, for the safety of all must be rugged fixed well.
5, in order to prevent leakage must be grounded.
6, not embedded in the ceiling installation (electrical heating).
7, air curtain outlet is configured independently, with other electricity sockets do not mix. Air curtain must use 3 Jack plugs and grounded. Not allowed to change two Jack plugs.

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