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Air Curtain Extended Service Life
Jul 20, 2017

Air Curtain Extended service life

Any product equipment needs to be artificially maintained, so that the life of the product equipment can be longer, then the maintenance of the air curtain machine in the end what are the benefits? Here to introduce why the maintenance of air curtain machine.

Extended service life

Such as the new central air conditioning unit equipment is not running before, are relatively clean. But after use, will produce dirt, sediment, debris and other debris, the need for timely removal, or affect the use of equipment and life. In the central air conditioning purification system maintenance and maintenance of a detailed analysis. Air curtain machine is the same reason, good maintenance and maintenance can improve the use of equipment.

Lower operating costs

Regularly to the air curtain machine to do maintenance, so that the air curtain machine running under normal conditions. Can guarantee the use of air curtain machine period.

Fault prevention

Through the regular diagnosis to a certain extent, can predict the wind machine system abnormal (failure). Through the minimum maintenance of parts, to maintain the normal operation of the air curtain. And to prevent the wind screen machine a big failure.

Security is ensured

When the above contents are problems of operation, it is very important for these machines to be used safely, and the confirmation of the action of the electronic parts on the regular inspection and inspection of the leak detection device is very important. The aging of the air curtain machine and the improper connection of the wires are the biggest hidden danger caused by the accident. Huayi public workers to remind you to maintain the maximum maintenance to eliminate these hidden faults. So that the air curtain machine normal safe operation.

Fast maintenance

Gradually began to become dirty heat exchanger, less noticeable, the ability to cool down with the dirty situation, when you feel the air curtain machine cooling effect is poor.

With the uninterrupted bursting and persistence of avian flu, the government has now gradually considered revoking the sale of live birds in shopping malls, hoping to eradicate the spread of avian flu. With the gradual closure of live poultry shopping and screening, everyone's spending habits have been quietly changing, frozen fresh meat products will gradually appear more in everyone's table.

In Europe and the United States, few live poultry shopping malls, the vast majority of meat products are cold fresh food, slaughtering operations are to the professional slaughter factory to do. And shopping malls consumers only need to go to the supermarket or store sales of frozen meat in the frozen goods can be. Speaking of fresh cold storage, we have to talk about a cold store inseparable from the small partner, that is cold storage machine. Cold storage air curtain is installed outside the cold storage, the general linkage with the cold storage door control, when the cold storage door is open, the air curtain machine initiative to play to block the room inside the cold spill. Generally cold in the temperature of the temperature at minus 25 degrees, and some even higher temperatures, if left out of the cool air, will constitute a cold gas spoil, together with the surrounding equipment will be affected. And the air curtain machine partners just to complete the perfect effect of this barrier.

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