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Air Curtain Blocking The Room
Oct 20, 2017

Air Curtain Blocking the room

(1) natural air curtain machine introduction:

Natural air curtain machine is mainly used for high temperature hot areas in central China and South China, with summer air-conditioning outflows as the main target; natural air curtain machine structure is relatively simple, at home and abroad major brands have natural air curtain machine products, and The product is more mature; in general, the natural air curtain machine due to the outlet part of the heater without a barrier, so the wind, air volume is sufficient, can be suspended height higher;

(2) hot air curtain introduction:

Hot air curtain to the main electric heating, the installation of the location of the PTC heater installed for air heating, mainly for North China, northwest and northeast and other places, in the winter compartment hot air outflow. However, due to the high density of the heater at the outlet, the wind resistance is increased, resulting in a small air flow rate of low air volume, which in turn affects the main function of the air curtain, that is, the wind barrier.

(3) hot and cold air curtain machine introduced:

Hot and cold dual-use air curtain machine to the central air conditioning system for the cold and cold water source, the summer can be used for central air conditioning system cooling the cold water can be heated in winter, and the general electric heating air curtain compared to an increase of summer cooling function, Thus expanding the effectiveness of the air curtain machine; in the above article, the air curtain manufacturer of one of the equipment for everyone to provide information on why the air curtain opportunities will be widely used, it in the end what role and other related content, then today Xiaobian To tell you why the air curtain for maintenance? What is the use?

First, you can extend the service life

Second, the operating costs are reduced

Regular maintenance of the air curtain, so that the air curtain running under normal conditions. Can guarantee the use of air curtains.

Third: the prevention of failure

Through the regular diagnosis to a certain extent, can predict the air curtain system anomalies (failure). Through the minimum maintenance of parts, to maintain the normal operation of the air curtain. And to prevent the air curtain of a large failure.

Fourth: the security of the guarantee

When the above contents are problems of operation, it is very important for these machines to be used safely, and the confirmation of the action of the electronic parts on the regular inspection and inspection of the leak detection device is very important. The aging of the air curtain line and the improper connection of the wires are the greatest hidden danger of the accident. Huayi public workers to remind you to maximize the maintenance of these troubleshooting risks. Let the air curtain normal safe operation.

Finally: fast maintenance

Gradually began to become dirty heat exchanger, less noticeable, the ability to cool down with the dirty situation, when you feel the air curtain cooling effect is poor. Huayi public workers to remind you that the air curtain of the various components have deteriorated. As well as different types of air curtain fan applicable areas are what?

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