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Air Curtain Air Circulation Effect
Aug 15, 2017

Air Curtain Air circulation effect

The function and use of air curtain

1. Create a comfortable indoor environment

       The air curtain produces high-speed airflow, which divides indoor and outdoor into two independent temperature areas, maintains the effect of indoor air conditioning and air purification, saves electricity and keeps the air circulating and effectively isolates dust, flue gas, odor and insects.

2. To prevent cold (warm) outflow, save electricity

       Continuous formation of the air door, can effectively prevent the cold (warm) gas leakage, save electricity, indoor and outdoor is divided into two independent temperature areas, air conditioning long operation, the auxiliary cycle to adjust the temperature, to save energy to improve the environment purpose.

3. dust, pest control effect

      Air curtains produce high-speed airflow, the formation of a protective door, can effectively block the outdoor dust and insects intrusion, keep the room clean.

4. Smoke and harmful gas effects

       Air curtain of the air circulation system can make the interior of the corner of the strong barrier fumes spicy flavor and industrial waste gas, car exhaust and other harmful gases into the room.

5. Air circulation effect

       In the gymnasium, cinema, entertainment and other space due to large air-conditioning energy distribution uneven, can be used for air curtain air circulation system functions to achieve indoor temperature balance.

Air curtain machine selection elements

1. Install the air curtain door width: the length of the air curtain machine should be slightly longer than or equal to the width of the door to ensure that the air curtain machine to play a partition effect. If the width of the door is too large, an air curtain can not be met, can be used for multiple connections.

2. Installation of the air curtain door height: the door height is the choice of air curtain air volume is an important factor, the general air curtain air volume can meet the 3-meter-high door, if the door height exceeds the specified value you need to choose the amount of wind Of the air curtain machine to ensure that the wind barrier requirements.

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