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Air Curtain Air Circulation
Sep 28, 2017

Air Curtain Air circulation

Insulation function: air curtain machine produces high-speed air, indoor and outdoor is divided into two independent temperature area, while saving energy, can promote air circulation, make the air more fresh.

To prevent the cold air outflow, save electricity: the formation of the air door, can effectively prevent cold (warm) gas leakage, saving electricity, to save energy to improve the environment.

Dustproof, pest control function: air curtain machine produces high-speed airflow, can form a protective door, it can effectively block the outside dust, smoke, odor and insect invasion, keep the room clean.

Smoke and harmful gases: air curtain machine air circulation system, can be strong barrier smoke, smell, industrial waste gas drift, effectively ensure the indoor air health.

Equilibrium indoor temperature: stadiums, cinemas, entertainment venues and other places, the larger space, air-conditioning energy is easy to distribute uneven, then by the air curtain air circulation system, so that the indoor temperature to achieve a balanced.

Air curtain machine is driven by high-speed motor or centrifugal wind turbine generated a strong airflow, forming an invisible curtain. Air curtain installed in the refrigeration, air conditioning, dustproof, insulated shopping malls, theaters, home and other doors above, start the machine, can separate the indoor and outdoor air, play both convenient access, but also to prevent indoor and outdoor hot and cold Air exchange, at the same time, but also has a dust, anti-pollution, anti-mosquito effect. Air curtain function is prominent, many places have installed this equipment.

Air curtain installed in the refrigeration, air conditioning, dustproof, insulated shopping malls, theaters, hotels, restaurants, conference rooms, cold storage, operating room and home above the door above the air curtain through high-speed motor drive or centrifugal wind turbine Strong air, forming an invisible curtain. Then the installation of air curtain to pay attention to what?

Air curtain installation Note:

1. The machine should be installed on the door frame

2. The width of the door must be less than or equal to the length of the wind curtain; (if the door is too wide, to be connected to install a few curtains).

3. The mounting plate must be firmly attached to the wall (or on the column) to prevent vibration due to loosening.

Installation of the installation of the floor:

Such as: installed on the concrete wall. According to the location of the holes on the mounting base plate, arrange 8 bolts 10 × 60 relative to the size of the position, the bolts are embedded in the cement. Then attach the mounting base to it. Or directly in the concrete wall punching, with expansion screws fixed.

1. Pill the mortar fully fixed, the mounting plate washer nut fixed to the bolt (see picture). 8 bolts are fixed on concrete walls or door frames.

2. The body must be inserted into the mounting plate mounting hole, shown in front of the dotted line.

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