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Air Blower Plate Tube How To Buy And Conserve?
Feb 08, 2017

Fan-coil selection first to third parties delivered by the supplier to ensure that their product performance test report, and determine whether it is through certification. Product certification is determined by an impartial third party certification through inspection and assessment of enterprise's quality management system and sample type tests to confirm that their product, process or service for compliance standards, the availability of steady ability to produce products that meet the standards.

Through product certification is the embodiment of strength, currently authorized by a National Commission for the certification and accreditation Administration can be fan-coil units of product certification is the China Academy of building research, carried out by the Research Centre for environmental measurement and control optimization.

Fan-coil unit is usually mounted directly in the air conditioning room, which serves State and the quality of work will affect indoor air quality and noise level. Therefore must make a good air filter and drip tray, Pan pipes, fans and other major parts of the routine maintenance work, ensure the fan coil unit functioning, does not have a negative impact.

Coil tasked with hot and cold water passing through the heat blower coil air mission. In order to ensure efficient heat transfer, requires the surface must be kept bright and clean. However, due to the fan-coil are coarse filters equipped with holes bigger, when used at the beginning, it is inevitable that dust through the filters attached to the coil pipe or ribbed surface. If not clean, to make a coil in the hot and cold water and coil drain reduces the amount of heat exchange between air and coil heat exchanger efficiency could exert. If lots of dust, even the air passage between the fins are blocked, but it also reduces fan-coil air supply, which further reduce air conditioning performance.

Clean may refer to air filter cleaning methods, cleaning cycles can be longer, General cleaning once a year. If it is a seasonal use of air conditioning, air conditioning cleaning at the end of the season. Not a last resort, not overall from the mounting area is removed clean way, to reduce the amount of cleaning work and impact of disassembly work.

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