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10 Reasons To Install An Air Curtain In Your Commercial Premises
Jul 13, 2017

For large equipment and commercial premises, air curtains installation provides advantages that transcend the correct climatisation of the areas. Its installation represents important improvements in terms of energy saving, commercial profits, staff and clients security and also hygiene and environmental health of the area.

Listed below we give you 10 reasons that explain why it is highly recommended to install an air curtain:

1. It guarantees the inner comfort for customers and staff thanks to the maintenance of an optimal climate, at any time of the year, avoiding the awkward streams of air.

2. Decrease of energy losses of the conditioned spaces and improvement of thermal conditions of the premises. Air curtains provide a protection against external air leaking of 65%.

3. It enables to keep the door of the business area open, inviting the customers to enter and so increasing people influx and the potential sales.

4. The air curtain act as an invisible barrier against dust, pollution, suspended particulates, fumes and bad smells; it also avoids insects entering the building.

5. It increases the useful space at the entrance as there is no need of a lobby

6. Air curtain allow a clear view of the inside of the premise and so the entrance zone can be used as show window display.

7. It decreases the cost of the installation operation and reduces CO2 emissions.

8. The premise offer easy access for disabled people or customers that carry a baby stroller, trolleys, umbrellas, etc., by eliminating the physical barrier of the door.

9. It increases security as facilitates the evacuation through the door in case of fire or any emergency.

10. Air curtains act as a barrier for fire fume.

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