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The use of air curtains
Feb 07, 2017

Air curtain function:
1. heat insulation features:
Air curtain such as restaurants, shops and entertainment venues frequented by such customer is not the need to be constantly opening and closing doors. This can 60–80% efficiency to keep the Interior of cold and warm air temperatures. But would allow small changes in temperature.
2. pest control functions:
Harmful insects can be found most annoying was unable to pass the wind wall. So that you can more easily keep the fruit counter, fast-food restaurants and other places of public health.
3. dust-proof function:
If the precision machine shop or bus lanes, food shops or installed in the entrance hall of the clothing store air curtain, can effectively block outside dust, levels of 60–80% can be kept clean.
4. fresh features:
Air curtain can be prevented from such as chemical lab or store room and chilled meat machinery emitting a smell. And blocks outside of motor vehicle emissions of harmful gases. How to prevent the outflow of air conditioning cold and heat when, experts suggest: air curtains used in conjunction with air conditioning in organic could effectively addresses outflow of air conditioning heat and cold of these problems.
5. ion function:
Manufacture of reactive oxygen species and improve lung function, promote metabolism, improves sleep, sterilization, manufacturing of clean air, smoke, dust, prevent myopia, electrostatic prevention of hair split ends.

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