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The characteristics of hot-air curtain
Feb 07, 2017

Air curtain as an isolated air transparent walls, has long been dominated by cold air curtain machine, but all things are relative of yin and Yang, cold air curtain machine with hot-air curtain, today we take a look at hot air curtain is unique.
Hot-air curtain is of high-power electrical equipment electrical energy turns into heat energy, which releases heat and secure, using a wide range of market's favor. Hot air scene General not added loaded air filter device, because added loaded air filter network, will increased air of intake resistance and reduced intake of number, also on increased has heater of load---(heater by several a PTC ceramic tablets combination) Dang hot air scene power work Hou is heater and wind machine work of when, power Hou PTC ceramic tablets quickly warming, at wind machine sent out of wind put PTC ceramic tablets surface of high temperature heat away, reduced has PTC ceramic tablets surface of temperature. If increased has air filter network, makes air flows through PTC ceramic tablets surface of speed reduced, to improve has PTC ceramic tablets of work temperature, makes its always in high temperature work State, dang temperature reached PTC ceramic tablets of design protection temperature, PTC ceramic tablets internal on will automatically disconnect power, at although voltage added in PTC ceramic tablets of ends, PTC ceramic tablets also not work, also not produced heat.

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