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​Product features and installation considerations for hot-air curtain
Feb 07, 2017

Product features and installation considerations for hot-air curtain
Hot-air curtain is single-phase capacitor run motor drive, wind driven shape shapely tubular aluminum alloy wheels, or reinforced plastic wind turbines produce episodic airflow evenly, indoor and outdoor air convection may be reduced or blocked.
Hot air curtain using electric power generated by the heat, heating heat source uses third-generation original PTC heating, electric conversion rate of 98% per cent, no fire, no oxygen consumption, heat up fast, safe and reliable long life.
Hot air curtain is the latest research and the introduction of energy-saving products, the product with hot water as heating medium, STTL-energy-efficient heat exchangers of heat exchangers, high heat transfer efficiency, air resistance is small, the factory's products have small size, light weight, appearance, energy conservation, reasonable structure, convenient installation and maintenance and so on.
Hot air curtain installation as long as the release position above the front screw to separate fuselage and the bottom floor is then securely fastened to the frame or on the wall. (Such as fixed tightly can cause vibration and noise) will be directly linked to the body on the floor, position remove screw the body as is firmly seated in the backplane can be. Note: hang when not missing the rubber shock absorber parts, otherwise it will result in dithering and noise, and affect the life of the machine and check the voltage selection switch and the wire section and the air curtain line.

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