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How to choose an air curtain type
Feb 07, 2017

Wind scene machine of selection application main according to different of application occasions to distinguish: General wind scene machine 1, and hotel, and hotel, and Chamber, and Office, compared quiet of places: these places General compared quiet, people flow less, but door is need open with of, so to limited block hot and cold air of convection keep at room temperature, in select wind scene machine of when main consider of is door of height, and site installation conditions and noise. Based on experience, these establishments generally door height 2.5 m, most stainless steel door frames; the overall mix with the surrounding environment, generally choose appearance is clean, stylish light-Normal axial curtain.
2, and hotel, and Mall, and theatre, and hospital, people flow compared big of place: this class places due to door compared open (General not below 3 meters), and people compared big, so to select Gale volume electric hot air scene machine, due to electric power high, so if power conditions limited, and by central air conditioning hot water of situation Xia as selection water hot air scene machine, such can full up to energy-saving of role.
3, cold storage, freezer: the actual effectiveness of such establishments are more focused on product, Nanyang Ta volume, so it can use natural ventilation air curtain, the effect is very good.
4, heated warehousing logistics center: General warehousing logistics center at 4 m above the normal air flow air curtain is difficult to achieve the expected results of centrifugal air curtain so use volume, height 4.5 m to meet the wind resistance is appropriate. Shaped wind scene machine: also some occasions is General wind scene machine to do of, but to better of pursuit insulation energy-saving of effect, so will according to reality to custom some special of wind scene machine like 1, and application Yu rotating door of arc wind scene machine, and and can according to actual of environment need appearance made various color and material of 2, and due to many automatically door door head above has loaded good has induction device, so again cannot home wind scene machine, We specialize in customized for this site in addition to the induction of different length wind curtain 3, Elevator air curtain is specifically for air curtains with the elevator door.

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