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Heating-one will let you down
Feb 07, 2017

High performance PTC hot air curtain heater, quality, more stable, more secure and more environmentally-friendly and energy-saving effect. Full metal jacket structure, fire performance, compact structure, easy to install, simple to maintain. Computer remote control switch control, is more convenient to use. External rotor motors, external rotor motor is small, less wear, low noise, good heat dispersion, more stable operation and long service life. Made of high quality aluminum alloy impeller, rotor diameter 145mm, impeller high strength, good rigidity, corrosion-resistant, permanent deformation, wind speeds of up to 11 m/s.
Heating function and purpose: to create a comfortable environment: hot air curtain airflow at high speed, into two separate indoor and outdoor temperature area, keep indoor air conditioning and air purification effect, saving energy and air circulation at the same time, effectively isolated, such as dust, smoke, odors, insects and micro-organisms.
Dust-proof, pest control: high speed air curtain produces air, forming a protective door, can effectively block outside dust and insects invade, and keep the room clean. Smoke and toxic gases: air curtain the air circulation system to make every corner of the room a strong barrier fume pungent waft and industrial gases, exhaust poisonous gases such as intrusive.

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