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Centrifugal air curtain function and use
Feb 07, 2017

Comfort invention: centrifugal air curtain airflow at high speed, into two separate indoor and outdoor temperature area, adhere to the effect of indoor air conditioning and purifying the air, save energy and air circulation at the same time, effectively isolated, such as dust, smoke, odors, insects and micro-organisms.

To prevent outflow of cold/heat, reduce electricity consumption: continue to air, can effectively prevent the leakage of heating and cooling, saving electricity, the Interior divided into two independent temperature regions, air conditioning is running for a long time, assistance to adjust the temperature, achieve the goal of energy conservation to improve the environment

Dust-proof, pest control: high-velocity centrifugal air curtain machine air flow, which provides maintenance, can effectively block outside dust and flies into, adhere to clean indoor

Smoke and toxic gases: centrifugal air curtain the air circulation system to make every corner of the room a strong barrier smoke spice waft and industrial gases, exhaust poisonous gases such as intrusive.

Application of places:
Crowded public places: big banks, large shopping mall, hotel, hotels, hospitals, bookstores, an indoor gymnasium and underground parking

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