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An overview of the air curtain
Feb 07, 2017

Air curtain, also known as air curtain, air curtains, air damper. Products widely application Yu factory, and store, and restaurant, and pharmacy, and cold storage, and hotel, and hospital, and airport, and station, environment of access mouth Shang and the all with air conditioner of places, application special of high speed motor, led through flow type, and centrifugal type or axis flow type wind round running produced a powerful of air barrier, effective of keep has indoor outside of air environment, can effective keep indoor air clean, block hot and cold air convection, reduced air conditioning energy, prevent dust, and insects, and and the harmful gas of invaded, provides a comfortable of work, and shopping, and Casual environment.

Main environmental protection and energy saving machinery is in line with the air conditioner as a if installing air curtain machine, you can beat the crowds surface heat, reduce the burden on air conditioning. Also give the feeling of eyes and ears clean.

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