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Air curtain maintenance benefits?
Feb 07, 2017

Any equipment needs maintenance, equipment life can be even longer, so what are the benefits of air curtain maintenance? the following describe why air curtain maintenance.
Extended service life
Such as the newly installed central air conditioning unit is not running before, are relatively clean. But after passing through the use, dirt, sand, debris and other debris, need to be cleared in a timely manner, or affect the use of equipment and the life. In the central air-conditioning system maintenance and service in an article with detailed analysis. Air curtains are the same way, in good repair and maintenance can improve equipment use.
Running cost reduction
Air curtain machine maintenance on a regular basis, let the wind machine is in good running condition. Can guarantee air curtain machine service life.
Fault prevention
To a certain extent through regular diagnosis can predict the air curtain system exceptions (faulted). Passing a minimum maintenance to maintain air curtain machine normal operation. And to prevent the wind-screen large machine failures.
Safety ensure that the
Above is the operational problems, these machines safer use, regular electronics parts inspection, leak detection inspection of safety devices of recognition is very important. Air curtain line of aging and accidents caused by improper wire connection method is the biggest hidden trouble. Huayi all remind you of maintenance can exclude the possibility of problem hidden. Let the wind acts normal and safe operation of the machine.
Suitable to maintain
Beginning dirty heat exchanger, unattractive, refrigerating capacity decreases as the dirty, when I felt bad refrigeration effect of the machine when the air curtain. Huayi reminds you when the air curtain machine parts have deteriorated.

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